Dental emergency in Hurst

Where can I have a dental emergency treated in Hurst?

There are many circumstances that can accompany a dental emergency in Hurst. We believe that exceptional quality care should be one of them. For the specialty oral care you need to help save teeth that have been traumatically injured, you can trust the experts at DFW Endodontics. Offering the full spectrum of endodontic services, from surgical root canal therapy and treatment for injured teeth, to root canal retreatment, and plain old root canal therapy, their staff provides extremely diligent care, and will do everything possible, employing the most advanced treatments, to help save your tooth or teeth. Specially trained to address the most difficult cases involving damage or infection to the inside tissue of teeth, they’re fully equipped to help you when you need it the most.

Dental emergency in Hurst

If you’re experiencing a dental emergency in Hurst, seeing your endodontist as soon possible is an excellent idea. Following trauma to one or several teeth, your endodontist will want to check for any cracks, or fractures in the tooth. When teeth have been cracked, apart from being very sensitive, there is a risk that the crack will extend further, increasing the chances of infection or loss. Infections deep inside of the tooth can spread rapidly throughout the tooth and to surrounding tissue. Specially trained to provide treatment despite the delicate nature of cracked teeth, your endodontist employs the most advanced techniques and instrumentation.

Oftentimes, even when there is no crack or chipping following a traumatic injury, damage can still occur at the inner level of the tooth. The tissue inside the tooth is extremely vulnerable, and can become irreversibly damaged from the shock of an injury. In such circumstances, root canal therapy is usually the most successful procedure to alleviate pain and preserve a tooth.

If you’re experiencing a dental emergency in Hurst, you can depend on the experts at DFW Endodontics to provide you with the highest quality dental healthcare care. To schedule your next appointment for specialized oral care, contact their friendly staff at the number below.

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