Emergency Dentist in Hurst

Have you suffered from a dental emergency in Hurst?

When traumatic injury damages a tooth’s nerve, seeing a specially trained emergency dentist in Hurst is a must. The experts at DFW Endodontics have received specialized training in the advanced treatment of cracked, split, or fractured teeth, as well as endodontic retreatment, and surgical root canal therapy. With decades of experience, these endodontists have remained at the forefront of their field, current with the latest research, technology and techniques. If you’re experiencing a dental emergency, these specialists can provide the diligent and careful treatment you require.

Emergency Dentist in Hurst

It’s of the utmost importance that you see your emergency dentist in Hurst as soon as possible following trauma to one or several teeth. For teeth that are cracked, split, or fractured at the biting surface, cracks can extend and make the tooth increasingly vulnerable to infection or loss. Infections deep inside of the tooth can spread to the neighboring bone and soft tissues, and put the affected tooth at increased risk. Your endodontist will conduct a careful examination to determine the best method to preserve your tooth or teeth, employing the most advanced technology and techniques. Sometimes, a traumatic tooth injury can dislodge a tooth.  In such cases, your emergency dentist in Hurst can reposition and stabilize the tooth. If the shock of the injury has damaged the nerve supply, a root canal will be performed to save the affected tooth.

If you have experienced trauma to your tooth, your specially trained emergency dentist in Hurst is prepared to provide the diligent and prompt treatment you deserve and require. To schedule your next appointment, call DFW Endodontics at the number below.\


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