Endodontic Office in Hurst

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Accidents always seem to occur at the least expected moments. If you’ve experienced trauma resulting in fractures or cracks to your teeth, the expert at your endodontic office in Hurst is prepared to help. At DFW Endodontics, their endodontists are specially trained to treat the most difficult cases involving injuries to your teeth. With decades of experience in the field, Dr. William L. Wildey and Dr. Steven Dazey are authoritative in their expertise and make use of the most sophisticated treatment technology and techniques for your benefit. Your endodontic office Hurst provides a comprehensive variety of endodontic treatments, from root canals, endodontic retreatments, and apicoectomies, to the treatment of fractured and cracked teeth.

Endodontic Office in Hurst

Cracked teeth require extremely skillful care to treat due to their delicate nature. Trained in the special treatment of complex cases involving the inner nerve supply of your teeth, the expert at your endodontic office in Hurst will do the utmost to save the tooth in question. Depending on the type of crack or damage sustained by the tooth, the prognosis and treatment may vary. There a are several classifications of cracks that teeth can experience. There’s a fractured cusp, which is a fracture to the chewing surfaces of your teeth; a vertical crack, which extends from the chewing surface of the tooth towards the root; a vertical root fracture, which is a crack extending from the root of the tooth, upward to the chewing surface; and a split tooth, which is when the tooth is completely divided into two segments. Root canal therapy is often required to remove and seal off any damaged or infected area that may have become exposed due to the crack. However, performing this procedure with a cracked tooth can be quite tricky.

Whatever the case may be, you can rest assured that the expert at your endodontic office in Hurst will meticulously examine your tooth and provide the most diligent and careful treatment to save it. If you’ve sustained any kind of crack, fracture or trauma to your tooth, contact the experts at DFW Endodontics for exceptional quality care.


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