Hurst Root Canal

Where can I find Hurst root canal treatment?

You deserve the best that modern dentistry has to offer. At DFW Endodontics, their specialists are experts when it comes to saving your natural teeth. Dr. William L. Wildey and Dr. Steven Dazey are exceptionally skilled and experienced; they’re also highly regarded in their field, by their peers, their students and of course, their patients. Utilizing the latest technology and treatment techniques for the benefit of their patients, they are fully prepared to handle the most complicated issues affecting the nerve supply to your teeth. Providing the full scope of endodontic services, from Hurst root canal therapy, to surgical root canals, and treatment for traumatic dental injuries, you can depend on their experts to take the time to walk you through your treatment procedure and options, guiding you in making the most well-informed decisions about your oral care.

Hurst Root Canal

When damage, decay or infection has affected the inside tissue of the tooth, Hurst root canal therapy is typically employed to save the tooth. Although root canals are one of the most common dental procedures, with a reported success rate of 95%, every now and then complications can arise. For instance, a tooth treated with root canal therapy is generally restored with a direct filling or dental crown. Sometimes, dental decay can set in later on, creating a space between the restoration and the natural tooth structure. A gap like this can create an entry point for bacteria to spread deep inside the tooth. Similarly, a loose, cracked or broken restoration can create the same issue. When a tooth becomes re-infected after a root canal, you can count on the specialists at DFW Endodontics to provide state-of-the-art treatment to help save the tooth. Whether root canal retreatment, or a surgical root canal is necessary, you’ll be in excellent hands.

If you’re in need of endodontic care, your Hurst root canal expert at DFW Endodontics is an exceptional choice. To schedule your next appointment, contact their office at the number provided below.


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