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Where can I find a Hurst endodontist?

Are you in need of specialized treatment for a compromised tooth? At DFW Endodontics, our 76054 endodontist has decades of experience and an internationally acknowledged reputation for excellence. Delivering the most precise and gentle treatment, you’ll be in the very best of hands whether you require root canal therapy, endodontic retreatment, surgical root canal therapy, or the advanced treatment of cracked, fractured or avulsed teeth. Our modern endodontic office is equipped with the state-of-the-art in diagnostic technology and treatment instrumentation, making it possible for us to deliver the highest standard of quality care for our patients. Whether you have been referred to us by your general dentist or require root canal therapy, our experienced staff will schedule you in as promptly as possible for your visit.

76054 endodontist

In cases of acute oral trauma, a dental injury can involve cracking or fracturing a tooth. Due to the precarious nature of such injuries, an immediate evaluation and care is is recommended. If the dental injury has compromised the vital tissues within a tooth, our 76054 endodontist can provide you with the care needed to evaluate the extent of damage with the utmost precision and restore your oral health. At our practice Dr. Wildey uses the highest quality imaging technology available today to evaluate images of your dental anatomy with crystal clarity, and in three-dimensions as needed, to plan and perform any required procedures with the utmost exactitude. Dr. Wildey is an internationally recognized endodontic specialist and an acknowledged expert on endodontic instrumentation and instrument design. Every treatment we provide is performed with the ultimate level of gentle precision, for optimal outcomes of care.

If you require advanced endodontic care, you can count on the office of DFW Endodontics. To schedule a consultation or a visit for care with our experienced 76054 endodontist, call our helpful office staff today!

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