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Cracked teeth 76054

Where can i find treatment for Cracked teeth in Hurst?

When it comes to the expert treatment of traumatic injuries to teeth, the experts at DFW Endodontics are the professionals to visit. As highly experienced endodontists, they have dedicated their careers to saving teeth under the most complex circumstances. Providing a sweeping array of endodontic services, they’re an indispensable resource in the Hurst area for root canal treatment, endodontic retreatment, surgical root canals, treatments for traumatic tooth injuries, as well as fractured or cracked teeth 76054. From their state-of-the-art dental office in Hurst, they make use of the most advanced technology and techniques for the benefit of their patients, and have a longstanding reputation for providing the highest quality care.

Cracked teeth 76054

Teeth that have undergone traumatic injury can crack in many different ways. There’s a fractured cusp, which is a fracture to the chewing surfaces of your teeth; a vertical crack, which extends from the chewing surface of the tooth towards the root; a vertical root fracture, which is a crack extending from the root of the tooth, upwards toward the chewing surface; and a split tooth, which is when the tooth is completely divided into two segments. Cracks can even be microscopic in scale, but still cause serious symptoms. Owing to the delicate nature of cracked teeth 76054, having them treated by an endodontist is critical. Your endodontist will be able to carefully examine the affected tooth, and determine the best way to proceed. Oftentimes, if the tooth can be saved, a root canal is required to eliminate any infection, and seal the inside of the tooth for protection.

If you’re suffering the symptoms of cracked teeth 76054, you can depend on your Hurst endodontist to provide the diligent and skilled care you require. Doing their utmost to save teeth, if you’ve suffered any kind of crack or traumatic injury to your tooth, the experts at DFW Endodontics are prepared to help. To schedule your appointment, call their Hurst dental office at the number provided.

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