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Bedford Endodontist

Endodontics is one of the nine specialty areas recognized by the American Dental Association. It is the branch of dentistry, which sets the standard for treating issues affecting the vital tissues inside a tooth. While one of the most commonly performed procedures our Bedford endodontist performs is non-surgical root canal therapy, our endodontic specialist also treats a range of highly complex issues with the goal of helping patients preserve and maintain their natural teeth. Such procedures range from ultra-precise care for cracked, dislodged or avulsed teeth, as well as surgical endodontics (apicoectomies), and endodontic retreatments.

Bedford Endodontist

If you have been referred to our office by your general dentist or by a dental specialist, you can rest assured that you’re oral health is in excellent hands. Dr. William L. Wildey is well known in the field of endodontics; widely recognized as an international lecturer on endodontic techniques and acknowledged as an expert in the area of endodontic instrumentation design. At DFW Endodontics, we use the latest technology and techniques, and pride ourselves on providing the most conservative, comfortable endodontic care. Root canal therapy is performed to rescue a tooth that has sustained irreversible damage to its innermost vital tissues. Thanks to advances in care, a root canal procedure today is as comfortable as receiving routine a routine filling and a tooth has received root canal therapy can continue to last a lifetime with the proper care. And, if the requirements of your case are more complex, such as acute dental trauma resulting in cracked, dislodged or avulsed teeth, your Bedford endodontist is equipped to carefully plan your procedure and use the most advanced instrumentation to save the involved tooth.

If you are in need of endodontic treatment, you can trust in the experience, compassion and ultra-precise care offered at DFW Endodontics. Our practice has been providing first-rate specialty care to the Bedford and surrounding community for years and welcomes the opportunity to serve you. To schedule your next visit with our Bedford endodontist, contact our helpful office staff at the number below today!

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