Where can I find a 76021 Endodontic Office?

For decades, our experienced endodontists have been providing the state-of-the-art in endodontic care to the Bedford and greater Tarrant County area. From the urgent treatment of chipped, cracked, or damaged teeth, to the most complex cases requiring surgical root canal therapy or endodontic retreatment, our 76021 endodontic office is equipped with the most advanced diagnostic and treatment modalities, so that you can benefit from the latest developments in the field. As endodontic specialists, our dentists are experts in the treatment of the interior, vital regions of the teeth, and utilize a range of specialized instrumentation to provide the most precise, conservative, and effective treatment possible.

76021 Endodontic Office

Depending on the reasons for your visit, your first appointment at our 76021 endodontic office may vary. If you’re experiencing the need for urgent endodontic care, you can depend on our team to schedule you in as promptly as possible. Using the foremost digital imaging technology, we can carefully diagnose the underlying cause of your oral pain. From dental injuries which have resulted in fractures, cracks, or vertical splitting, to the treatment of dental injuries without visible damage to the exterior of the tooth, your endodontist will carefully determine the best possible way to proceed with your treatment. In cases of dental emergencies, it may be the case that your treatment will be completed and your first visit is your only visit to our office. Following endodontic care, patients are typically sent back to their general dentist or prosthodontist for the structural restoration of the affected tooth. We also receive many referrals from general dentists. This can happen when treatment presents unique challenges, such as performing root canal therapy on teeth with complex root structure, or in cases where endodontic retreatment or surgical root canal therapy is required. During your first visit to our office, you can expect your medical and dental histories to be reviewed, and you’ll have the opportunity to provide us with any pertinent information to aid us in planning for your treatment.

If you’re in need of endodontic treatment, make DFW Endodontics your 76021 endodontic office of choice. To schedule your next appointment, call today!

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