Where can I get a Hurst Root Canal?

When the rare case happens – a tooth that has received treatment becomes re-infected or doesn’t sufficiently heal, it’s time to see your Hurst root canal specialist at DFW Endodontics. Endodontists are the specially trained dentists who are equipped with the most sophisticated tools and knowledge to treat the most complicated cases involving the inside roots of your teeth. If you’re facing even a mildly  complicated case, these are the experts to see. The endodontists at DFW Endodontics are highly skilled and experienced when it comes to saving teeth. Providing root canals, endodontic retreatments, and apicoectomies are just a few of the specialty treatments offered at their office.

Hurst Root Canal

The major concern when any tooth becomes infected or damaged at the nerve level, is if the tooth can be saved or not. In very rare cases, after a root canal has been performed, the inside area of the tooth can become re-infected or not heal sufficiently. In more complicated cases, a retreatment of a root canal may potentially jeopardize the tooth or weaken it. An apicoectomy is a careful and precise method to save such a tooth in question. An apicoectomy is a very minor surgical procedure that treats a deep infection in the tooth from the root end rather than the area exposed above the gum line. If you’re in need of an apicoectomy, your Hurst root canal specialist will carefully remove the damaged tissue from the root end of the affected tooth. Placing a rubber-like filling material into the tooth to seal it and prevent reinfection, successful treatment saves patients their compromised tooth, and heals relatively quickly.

After the procedure, your Hurst root canal specialist will prescribe or recommend the appropriate pain medication, if necessary. A cold compress can be used in addition, to reduce swelling. To receive the world class endodontic care you deserve and require, contact DFW Endodontics today.

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